My Journey with Farrah: A Story of Life, Love, and Friendship - Alana Stewart

One of my idols in the whole world is Farrah Fawcett. Along with Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and John Lennon. So when I saw this book at goodwill for $3 I jumped at it. 




I will admit, I bought it and ignored it for months after. I would always tell myself to pick it up, but I never did. Mainly because Farrah died of cancer and my fear of cancer is so strong that I was scared it would depress me AND IT DID. Finally I picked it up and I'm putting it down unfinished.


I feel like I never finish books and I feel guilty for that, but this book I do not feel guilty about. So this book is told by Farrah's friend Alana Stewart. It is supposedly her diary published, but I suspect that she fabricated parts. 


I'm not gonna lie I hated this book so much, I'm not finishing it. Here is why. 


1. The book is written in diary form. I hate that and I know I should of known, but I didn't bother to look at the format before buying, because I saw Farrah and I freaked!


2. This book is like 25% Farrah, 75% Alana. I questioned myself many times on what story...or more like whose story is she actually telling. It seems like she used Farrah as a money maker to sell her shitty book. In the beginning it was about Farrah and how Alana felt, which I expected once I saw it was in diary form. Then the middle to near end it was strictly about Alana and her sex life and her kids and Farrah would pop up sometimes when they went to Germany for her treatment. So again was this really a story about Farrah and you or just you? 


3. Alana was the victim in all of this. Forget that your friend is dying of cancer, lets make the book about how your emotional going through shit and how no one understands what its like. I get it that its her personal diary and usually people write the most selfish shit, cause we all feel like the world revolves around us. But it just felt like she steered way off of what it was suppose to be about. This book was totally consumed by Alana trying to make people feel sorry for her, even though her friend is dying.


With this being said, I have a few things I liked about the book.


1. Never before seen pictures, I love Farrah and I love her look. So when I saw some of the pictures I freaked, she was so stunning.


2. She didn't make Farrah seem weak or anything the opposite of what she was known for. Farrah was strong and fought til the end and even though the book was basically about Alana, when Farrah was mentioned she was mentioned with respect.


3. If the book was about Alana I would of loved it. Cause she has a juicy life, but I did not buy it to read about her, I bought it to read about Farrah and her friendship with Alana.


All in all I give it a 2 out of 5. Not finishing it though.