Spellbound by Sylvia Day (2013) Paperback - Sylvia Day

I didn't bother to finish the book. Here's why. EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE.


I hate that I have to rate this one star. Cause I believe that a lot of books should be rated at least a 3 for effort. But this book is stupid!


I love erotic books, especially ones that have a decent story line and just get to the sex. I mean that's why we read them right? Well I do anyways. This book started off as if it was a sequel to a book. I honestly had to search to see if I accidentally started reading a sequel. It wasn't, but I thought it was that is how weird the start was. The book had no explanation for anything. It answered some questions, but only the minor questions. Not the ones that they should of answered. The one sex scene I did read was amazing though, I could see it and everything. It would of been great if it had a good story line. A less confusing one.


It honestly seems like she just wanted to write a book about two people having a cat and dog relationship and fucking a lot. She didn't care about the actual story behind it. If I was her, I would of just wrote short stories of the two characters and their misadventures in the bed. With maybe a prequel to explain the story behind them. Would of been better.


I just didn't like the book. So I didn't finish. Which is a good lesson. NEVER FINISH A BOOK YOU DON'T LIKE. PERIOD. You don't owe your time to a book not worth it. I'm sure the author has other good books, as I've heard.